Privacy Policy

1. Hey There!

At, we totally get how crucial it is to keep things private, especially your personal info. This guide’s all about giving you the lowdown on how we gather, use, share, and safeguard your deets.

2. Grabbing the Deets

Here’s when we pick up some info about you:

· When you fill out that contact form with your first and last name, company name, job title, phone number, email, and project outline.

· When we bump into you at events.

· When we chat via email.

3. Why We Need Your Info

We use the info you give us to:

· Get back to your queries.

· Share the 411 on our services.

· Keep our client relationship game strong.

And nope, we don’t sell or rent out your info to others.

4. Storing and Safeguarding

Your Info We’ve got your data tucked safely away and we go all out to make sure it stays confidential and secure.

5. About Those Cookies

Our site uses cookies to make your visit a bit smoother. You can choose to roll with it or skip ’em the first time you swing by.

6. Your Rights

Following the GDPR and CNIL guidelines, here’s what you can do with your info:

· Take a peek (access).

· Make some tweaks (rectification).

· Wipe it clean (erasure).

· Say “no thanks” (objection).

· Put a cap on processing.

Got questions or wanna exercise these rights? Just drop us a line at [email protected] [email protected]

7. Updates to Our Policy

Sometimes, we might jazz up this privacy policy to keep up with how we do things or due to some legal stuff.

8. Got Questions?

If you’re curious about this policy or anything privacy-related, hit us up at [email protected]