At the intersection of business, technological, and societal expertise, aims to directly contribute to the sustainable and responsible growth of its clients.

Strategy, advice, recommendation, implementation oriented towards technology, marketing and sales.

At ykaria, we pride ourselves on our deep expertise and dedicated support, particularly in these three pivotal areas:

Our offerings

Marketing & Sales Mastery

Boost your sales and marketing, elevate your brand awareness, and tap into our outsourced marketing prowess akin to an on-demand Chief Marketing Officer #CMO! Leverage the power of technology, AI, and a growth-centric strategy that enhances your proprietary data, driving superior customer engagement and business growth

Communities & Events

Unlock the potential of event and professional community management integrated. A powerful way for value-driven interactions and a prime resource for gathering and enhancing your proprietary data. Essential assets for a successful data-driven strategy and an optimal user experience.

Digital Maturity Assessment
& Training

Amplify your company's digital potential with our tailored training and digital maturity assessments. Whether for your entire organization, a specific business unit, or a dedicated offering, we guide you in pinpointing strengths and areas of enhancement for a triumphant digital transformation.

Our Mission

At, our foremost mission is to fuel sustainable and responsible growth for our clients, seamlessly blending human expertise with advanced technology.

The values ​​of

ykaria brings you and is based on four main values


In the realm of digital and technology, innovation isn't just beneficial—it's essential. That's why stands as a strategic ally for business leaders.


Inspiré par la vision de son fondateur et des personnes dont il s’entoure ou recommande, l'engagement définit l'essence même des services offerts par pour ses clients.


Integrity isn't just a value—it's a cornerstone of It fosters trust, which is paramount when partnering with leadership figures.


What sets apart from others in the same field? Leadership. Offering insights, research, and keen analyses that keep our clients not just in the game, but ahead of it.

Let’s craft Your Marketing & Sales Success

Achieve marketing excellence backed by expertise and innovation. At, we meld pinpoint diagnostics, advanced tools, and adaptive marketing strategies to cater specifically to your unique requirements.

Ambition of is to help its clients thrive in a world deeply transformed by technology